COURSE NUMBER AND TITLE 511-414-DW / 01 (Thursdays)
Drawing and Painting Studio Projects                             
INSTRUCTOR Andres Manniste
INSTITUTION Dawson College
PROGRAM Arts, Literature and Communication
SEMESTER Fall 2018
OBJECTIVE AND COMPETENCY 054X: Carry out a creative project .

OFFICE & TELEPHONE Office: 3B.14 Telephone: 931-8731, ext. 4930

Basic materials:

Newsprint or cartridge paper 46 X 51 cm
Sketchbook 23 X 30 cm minimum
individual sheets of paper to be bought as needed
white Mayfair paper 46 X 51 cm (minimum of 2 per class)
Stretched canvas, minimum 46 X 51 cm as needed

Drawing Media:
artists pencils 4B,2B,and HB.
1 box of willow charcoal sticks
1 soft pastel stick (in white)
drawing stump (smudging stick)
kneadable eraser (soft like chewing gum)
plastic eraser

Paint and brushes:
A basic set of acrylics should include (150ml tubes or 250 ml jars):
Titanium White
Cadmium Red Middle (Hue)
Cadmium Yellow Middle (Hue)

Ultramarine Blue or Thalo Blue
Alizarin Crimson
Burnt Sienna or Mars Red
Burnt Umber
Yellow Ochre (optional)
Quinacridone Violet (optional)
Brushes: #12 flat and #10 round

Two empty 1litre yogourt containers (No glass)
Palette: water-resistant, white, smooth surface
(approx. 46 x 46 cm)
large bulldog clips
1 roll masking tape
small x-acto or olfa type knife
glue stick
Paper clips, pins, knife, pencils
hand soap, a small towel and a box of Wet ones
or similar product. (For cleanup)
Rags or paper towels
( Acrylic paint does not wash off clothes therefore choose appropriate studio clothing).

SYLLABUS (Revised 08/20/18)

Week  1 (August 23):

Introduction : Presentation of the course outline and material list
Preparation: bring in an interesting object for Project 1

Fresh paint (Slideshow)

Week  2 (August 30):

in the Garden of Count Somssich (1913) by József Rippl-Rónai Scene

Project 1: Spatial Illusion - Realistic Approach. (includes summative requirement)

Upon successful completion of this project, you will be able to demonstrate an ability to apply colour, composition, and drawing to create an illusion of observed space on a two-dimensional surface. You will work from preliminary drawings from still life subjects.

Drawing Homework - 5 drawings (2 colours + white on Ground colour in sketchbook, due Sept. 28))
Preparation- Ground Colour on panel or canvas

Labour Day, September 3

Week  3 (Sept. 6): 

Project 1, continuation

Homework: Get canvas and materials for project

Week  4 (September 13):

Lectures and discussion: A review of compositional principles. Slide show Formalism

Drawing: A series of small colour sketches prior to development of painting

Continue on Project 1, due next week (minimum of 4 completed sketches and a large painting)

Week  5 (September 20):

Simplex Munditis (1962) by Hans Hofmann

Project 1 due 15%, crit

Project 2, Illusion of Depth - Non-objective Approach. (includes summative requirement)

Upon successful completion of this project, you will have explored composition and colour and how it can create a sense of deep space in a non-objective painting.

Lectures and discussion: looking at abstract paintings Overview of Abstract Painting

Drawing homework: 5 abstract studies (due October 18)

Week  6 (September 27):

Project 2: continuation

Week  7 (October 4):

Project 2: continuation

Thanksgiving, October 8

Week  8 (October 18, Mid-term assessment):

Project 2 Critique / Presentation of Project 2 -15%
Drawing homework due (10%)

Week  9 (October 25):

Cardinal (2016) by Kyle Staver

Project 3: Expressive Colour. (15%, includes summative requirement)

Construct a montage as the basis of a painting. Consider saturating the colours higher than on your collage/photomontage

Upon successful completion of this project, you will demonstrate palette range as it applies to a specific mood or interpretation of a subject that can be selected from Still life, Analogous use of Colour or Mixed media (Drawing, Collage & Paint)

Slide show: Collage and painting

Week 10 (November 1):

Project 3: Painting continuation
Drawing: Self portrait in a context (in your room, in a group, outside etc. due November 30)

Week 11 (November 8):

Project 3 continuation-conclusion

Week 12 (November 15):

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Visit 2 pm to 4:30 pm

Treasure hunt (.pdf)

Week 13 (November 22):

La grande baignoire (1937 – 1939) by Pierre Bonnard

Project 4, Model: Painting

Week 14 (November 29):

Project 4- Continuation of model painting
Self portrait drawing due (10%)

Week 15 (December 6):

Project 4: Final Critique of Project 3 and 4

(Please note: December 12, 2018 at 12:00 noon, is the last time to receive all projects for credit)