COURSE NUMBER AND TITLE 511-315-DW Section 01 (Fridays)
Introduction to Internet Art & Culture  
INSTRUCTOR Andres Manniste
INSTITUTION Dawson College
SEMESTER Fall 2018
Appreciate the language specific to an arts, literature and communication field.

OFFICE & TELEPHONE Office: 2G6-3 Telephone: 931-8731, ext. 4930

SYLLABUS (Revised 17/08/18)

(New readings and browsing may be added or revised in the course of the semester)


Week 1 (August 24):

daffen   women

Lecture: Introduction to course: New Media Art Powerpoint Presentation
Lab: Introduction to Macintosh lab. Logon, working with programs, entering and exiting files, portable memory, network.
Browsing: Hyperallergic (art blog out of NYC), Rhizome Artbase,, Digital Art Museum,, editors: Emilie Gervais and Felix Magal (,
Reading: Is Google Making us Stupid? (Is Google Making us Stupid? .pdf version)
Homework: Gathering resources for “My last self portrait in cegep”.

Week 2 (August 31):


Lecture: Is Google making us Stupid Slide Show
Lab: Project #1, “My last self portrait in cegep” (painting and drawing with the computer and working with photographic images, 15%)
Browsing: Stellarc (1996) Ping Body (Google it!) , Olia Lialina (1996) My Boyfriend Came Back From the War ,
Shelley Jackson (1997) My Body, Petra Cortright (2007) vvebcam
Readings: Mark and Jana, Reena (2007) New Media Art, "Art in the age of digital distribution", pp.6-9 9 ("Defining New Media art" to "Themes/tendencies").

Labour Day: September 3.

Week 3 (September 7):

Lab: Work session: Introduction to image manipulation programs.
Link: Jeremy Shuback: Photoshop Crash Course
Browsing: Mattes, Eva and Franco (1998) ; John F. Simon, Jr. (1997) Every Icon (.gif version) ,
Erin Baillie-Rutter (2012) how to live 4 ever , cand Dina Kelberman (2012) I'm google, John Boyle-Singfeld, Reconstitution (2015), Terms of Service (2015)
Readings: How to write a Project (link .pdf file) , Tribe, Mark and Jana, Reena (2007) New Media Art, "Art in the age of digital distribution", pp.10-13 ("Themes/tendencies" to end of article)

Week 4 (September 14):


Lab: Work session. Network printers and printing.
Browsing: Eva and Franco Mattes (2008) It's always six o'clock, and Mu Gallery, Eindhoven, NL (2008) It's always six o'clock; Heemskerk, Joan and Paesmans, Dirk (2006) Max Payne cheats only
Readings: Walter Benjamin (1992, c.1936) "The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction", extracts from Illuminations, trans. Harry Zohn, London, Fontana, 1992 pp. 211-24.4 (Note: Read Sections I, II, IV, V and XII)


Week 5 (September 21):

Guest Speaker: John Boyle-Singfield (4pm to 6 pm)

John Boyle-Singfield is an artist based in Montreal. He was born in Canada and studied at the School of Fine Arts in Lyon. His work echoes a society in which the effects of technology and late capitalism have been absorbed into our bodies and altered our vision of the world. He often uses appropriation as a technique to explore the ideological ramifications of authority, authorship and identity in the internet age. He is also interested in banal forms and everyday objects, especially when they become art by renouncing their likeness to the living. From them, he elaborates social constructs and complex installations, questioning structures of value, language, and memory, within an equally constructed class society.

Week 6 (September 28):


Lab: Making a small animation. Working on Project #1

Submit a small animation. 5%

Youtube links on animation:
Creating an Animated GIF in Photoshop CC (Frame animation)
How To Make A Simple Animation in Photoshop CC (Timeline animation)

Browsing: Cosic, Vuk (1999) Deep ascii , Deep ascii, gif preview, Young-Hae Chang Heavy industries (2005) and Super Smile.
Readings: Mark Amerika (1997), “Surf-Sample-Manipulate: Playgiarism on the Net”, Telopolis, Munich: Heise Zeitschriften Verlag GmbH & Co. and Joy Garnett (2004) Steal this look.        

Week 7 (October 5):

Lecture: Walter Benjamin
(Benjamin Slide Show)

Lab: Working with animation. Working with Quicktime and Film Editing Software.

Submit raster image exercise. 5%

Readings: Tilman Baumgärtel (1997) “Interview with JodiTelopolis, Munich: Heise Zeitschriften Verlag GmbH & Co.
Browsing: Ed Fornieles (2016) DER GEIST: FLESH FEAST #selfmanagement #biohacking #diet #lowcarb #highfat

Thanksgiving October 8

Week 8 (October 19):


Lecture: Anime to arts
Lab: Working on Project #1 Work session. Working on simple animations, gifs.

Assignment: Write an appreciation of your completed project 1 or 2, taking into consideration the readings that have been assigned. (500 words maximum, due week 15) 5%

Browsing: Amalia Soto , also Molly Soda's Newhive and Molly Soda (2017) Peanut Butter, Takeo Yamaguchi (2006) Candy Factory Projects,Tokyo Rose Advertising:, Joy Garnett (2003), The Bomb Project.

Browsing: Anime to Arts

Week 9 (October 26):

Project #1 due

Presentation of projects, class evaluation of project #1.

Introduction to Project 2 (individual project, moving graphics. 10%)

Lecture: Video presentation by Yn Hsien Chen and Angellque Padua based on the 'Vernacular Web' essays by Olia Lialina.
Readings on line: Lialina, Olia (2005) A Vernacular Web,
The Indigenous and The Barbarians and
Vernacular web 2

Browsing: Amalia Ulman (2014) Excellences & Perfections and Amalia Ulman's


Week 10 (November 2):

TEST 10% (On browsings, readings and computer knowledge to date)

Lecture: Copyright and plagiarism

Introduction to Project #3: Group project , “Is technology moral?” (15%) or Project 3:Option #2
A written synthesis of the readings and browsings
(1500-2000 word term paper, 15%)

Homework: Write a proposal for Project #3, 5%

Browsing: Wattenberg, Martin (1997), , Rafael Rozendaal (2010) and
Readings: Natalie Bookchin and Alexei Shulgin (1999) Introduction to net. art


Week 11 (November 9):


Lecture: Network art
Art in the age of digital distribution Slide Show

Lab: Introduction to Internet, Web workshops; Simple webpage mini-tutorial
or (an even simpler mini-tutorial)

Assignment: Simple webpage. 5%

Browsing: Alexei Shulgin (1998) 386DX Cyberpunk rock band, Mouchette (Avatar, 1996-2010, Martine Neddam)
Reading: Émilie Gervais (2014), A LETTER TO YOUNG INTERNET ARTISTS

Week 12 (November 16):


Lecture: Post Internet?

Project 2 Due
Project 3 proposal due.
Presentation of proposals. Formation of groups. How to work in groups

Lab: Work session 

Browsing: Penny Goring (2015) Deletia-self portrait with no self
(about:; Dora Moutot (2012) You Made Me Cry

Week 13 (November 23): 


Simple webpage due
Browsing: The 3rd Wrong Biennale Computers Club Computers Club Drawing Society and Jon Rafman (2010) Nine Eyes (Google Street Views)   

Lab: Work session

Week 14 (November 30):
Project #3 Due

TEST 10% (On browsings, readings and computer knowledge to date)

Lab: Work session

Week 15 (December 7):

Presentations and discussion.
Appreciation due.
Term paper
(if approved) due.

(Please note: December 12, 2018 , 12:00 noon, is the last time to receive all projects)