Digital Art

SEMESTER Fall 2018
INSTRUCTOR Andres Manniste
CONTACT INFO; Office: 3B.14; Telephone: 514-931-8731, ext. 4930
& AVAILABILITY Office hours are posted outside my office door. Preferred method of communication
outside of class / office hours: e-mail; response time is within 48 hours, Monday to Friday.

COURSE TITLE Digital Art (ALC Program—All Profiles except Studio Arts, Term 1, Choice—List 2)
COURSE & SECTION # 511-913-DW / 01 & 02
CLASS TIME / LOCATION Section 01: Wednesday 3:00-6:00 in 4G.8. Section 02: Wednesday 8:30-11:30 in 4G.13.
COMPETENCY 054T: Appreciate contemporary cultural diversity.
PONDERATION / CREDITS Ponderation: 1-2-3 / Credits: 2.0

(revised: 14/09/2018)


Class 1
Introduction to course: outline and list of materials. Accessing Adobe Photoshop program, basic exercises.

Links to on-line drawing and painting programs

Class 2

Working with programs, entering and exiting files, portable memory.
Opening new image (size, resolution, mode, background), drawing, painting tools, color)

Begin Project 1: Drawing and painting (20%)

Link: Jeremy Shuback: Photoshop Crash Course

Photoshop keyboard shortcuts (.pdf)

Class 3
Sept. 12

Reading art slide show

Type tool, transformation, move tool, layers (copy and order), gradations, history. Work on Project 1.

Browsing: Rhizome Artbase,, Digital Art Museum,, editors: Emilie Gervais and Felix Magal (,

Class 4
Sept. 19

Formalism slide show

Project 1 due at end of class
Selection tools (feather, adding and subtracting selections); folders, saving work to folders and drop box.

Photography is magic slide show

Class 5


Sept. 26

Presenting project 2 (summative assessment – 30%): Working with photos


Filters, layer modes, layer styles, blending options.

Class 6
Oct. 3

Class discussion of project 1 submissions

Working on meme project.
Printing: page set-up, choosing printer, printing

Class 7
Oct. 10

Lab: Making a small animation. Working on Project #2

Making a simple animation

Submit a small animation exercise. 5%

Introduction to Animation
Lecture: Anime to Arts

Youtube links on animation:
Creating an Animated GIF in Photoshop CC (Frame animation)
How To Make A Simple Animation in Photoshop CC (Timeline animation)

Class 8
Oct. 17

Project 2 due

Project 3: Animation (20%)

Animation project

Introduction to scanning: settings, selection and saving.

Class 9
Oct. 24

Project 2, in-class critique.

Working on animation in class

Class 10
Oct. 31

Class 11


Nov. 7
Image manipulation using filters, adjustment layers, layer transparency and layer modes.
Project 3 due, in-class critique.

Class 12
Nov. 14
Introduction to project 4: Interior/exterior


Definition of interior

1 : lying, occurring, or functioning within the limiting boundaries : INNER
an interior point of a triangle
2 : belonging to mental or spiritual life : a simple interior piety
3 : belonging to the inner constitution or concealed nature of something : interior meaning of a poem
4 : lying away or remote from the border or shore

Definition of exterior

1 : being on an outside surface : situated on the outside
2 : observable by outward signs : his exterior quietness is belied by an occasional nervous twitch
3 : suitable for use on outside surfaces

For your last project you are being asked to consider the theme Interior/exterior. This can be interpreted either literally as in outside/inside or metaphorically as inner and outer self.

Using original and found images, the work should be from 1024 X 768 to 5100 X 3300 pixels at 300 dpi. You are required to print your artwork for this project. If you wish to post them, however, they will have to be reduced to a maximum size of 1024 pixels in any direction.

You will be using raster and/or vector imaging tools.

This project should be submitted both as a computer file and as a letter to tabloid sized print.

Due: November 28

Class 13
Nov. 21
Project 4: continuation

Class 14
Nov. 28
Project 4 due at the end of class

Class 15
Dec. 5