Digital Art

SEMESTER Fall 2018
INSTRUCTOR Andres Manniste
CONTACT INFO; Office: 3B.14; Telephone: 514-931-8731, ext. 4930
& AVAILABILITY Office hours are posted outside my office door. Preferred method of communication
outside of class / office hours: e-mail; response time is within 48 hours, Monday to Friday.

COURSE TITLE Digital Art (ALC Program—All Profiles except Studio Arts, Term 1, Choice—List 2)
COURSE & SECTION # 511-913-DW / 01 & 02
CLASS TIME / LOCATION Section 01: Wednesday 3:00-6:00 in 4G.8. Section 02: Wednesday 8:30-11:30 in 4G.13.
COMPETENCY 054T: Appreciate contemporary cultural diversity.
PONDERATION / CREDITS Ponderation: 1-2-3 / Credits: 2.0

(revised: 14/09/2018)


Class 1
Introduction to course: outline and list of materials. Accessing Adobe Photoshop program, basic exercises.

Links to on-line drawing and painting programs

Class 2

Working with programs, entering and exiting files, portable memory.
Opening new image (size, resolution, mode, background), drawing, painting tools, color)

Begin Project 1: Drawing and painting (20%)

Link: Jeremy Shuback: Photoshop Crash Course

Photoshop keyboard shortcuts (.pdf)

Class 3
Sept. 12

Reading art slide show

Type tool, transformation, move tool, layers (copy and order), gradations, history. Work on Project 1.

Browsing: Rhizome Artbase,, Digital Art Museum,, editors: Emilie Gervais and Felix Magal (,

Class 4
Sept. 19

Formalism slide show

Project 1 due at end of class
Selection tools (feather, adding and subtracting selections); folders, saving work to folders and drop box.

Photography is magic slide show

Class 5


Sept. 26

Presenting project 2 (summative assessment – 30%): Working with photos


Filters, layer modes, layer styles, blending options.

Class 6
Oct. 3

Class discussion of project 1 submissions

Working on meme project.
Printing: page set-up, choosing printer, printing

Class 7
Oct. 10

Lab: Making a small animation. Working on Project #2

Making a simple animation

Submit a small animation exercise. 5%

Introduction to Animation
Lecture: Anime to Arts

Youtube links on animation:
Creating an Animated GIF in Photoshop CC (Frame animation)
How To Make A Simple Animation in Photoshop CC (Timeline animation)

Class 8
Oct. 17

Project 2 due

Project 3: Animation (20%)

Animation project

Introduction to scanning: settings, selection and saving.

Class 9
Oct. 24
Creating image: effective use of selection tools (geometrical selection tools, lasso, magic wand, feather,
Adding and subtracting selections), of transformation (scale, distort, rotate). Copying and pasting layers
and selections.

Class 10
Oct. 31

Class 11
Nov. 7
Image manipulation using filters, adjustment layers, layer transparency and layer modes.
Project 3 due, in-class critique.

Class 12
Nov. 14
Introduction to project 4

Class 13
Nov. 21
Project 4: continuation

Class 14
Nov. 28
Project 4 due at the end of class

Class 15
Dec. 5