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Biennial 7


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Julianna Joos

Julianna Joos
Sombre prélude, 2002
76 x112 cm


The place seemed to belong to another country, the atmosphere, the pace … the quietness to another time. As I walked in the old stone house on Rachel Street in Montréal I felt as if I had trespassed. I had left behind me a busy street, noisy traffic, hurried passers-by. With these prints I want to share what has so much moved me. Was it the light coming through the numerous windows? Was it the rows of violins hanging from the ceiling? Or was it the rhythm created by the repetition of curved shapes?

Julianna Joos was born in Montreal. She studied etching and wood engraving under Francine Simonin and has both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Fine Arts. She has been the recipient of numerous prizes in printmaking since she began to exhibit in the early 80’s. She was the Chairperson of the Conseil Québecois de l’Estampe in 1997 and 1998 and the coordinator of the Studios at Graff before joining the Faculty of Dawson College.