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Karen Kaese

  Karen Kaese
Shelter, 2011
etching and aquatint
(eau-forte et aquatinte)
38 x 28.6 cm




Water is by its very nature reflective and ephemeral and can be a timeless metaphor for connecting the subconscious with the everyday in the self. It presents changing forms that encompasses times of melancholy, transience and discovery. For me water is a shifting intuitive mass that is about transformation and loss, a becoming of possibility of experience that is memory, a story defining a moment, place and time.

Karen Kaese was born in Papua New Guinea and migrated to Australia in the 1980’s. Her family is from the remote province of Manus Island. The sea and ocean along with the pervasive and ongoing culture of black magic and witchcraft in PNG are curiously manifest in prints she creates. Works on paper with linocuts, etchings, screenprints and more explore ideas of the body, consciousness, myths and the spaces between. She holds a BFA from Griffith University and has works in collections in Australia and internationally.