COURSE NUMBER AND TITLE 511-211-DW Section 02, 01 (Mondays and Wednesdays)
Interactive Web Art & Culture  
INSTRUCTOR Andres Manniste
INSTITUTION Dawson College
SEMESTER Winter 2013
To discuss elements of culture and civilization in artistic or literary works.

OFFICE & TELEPHONE Office: 2G6-3 Telephone: 931-8731, ext. 3203


(New readings and browsing may be added in the course of the semester)


Week 1 (January 21, 23):


Lecture: Introduction to course: New Media Art Powerpoint Presentation
Lab: Introduction to Macintosh lab. Logon, working with programs, entering and exiting files, portable memory, network.
Browsing: Rhizome Artbase, and Digital Art Museum
Reading: William J. Mitchell (1994) “Intention and Artifice” in The Reconfigured Eye: Visual Truth in the Post-Photographic Era, Cambridge: MIT Press, pp.23-57.
Homework: Gathering resources for “My last self portrait in cegep”.

Week 2 (January 28, 30):


Lecture: Intention and Artifice (powerpoint); the GUI and working with digital images.
Lab: Project #1, “My last self portrait in cegep” (painting and drawing with the computer and working with photographic images, 20%)
Browsing: Stellarc (1996) Ping Body (Google it!) , Olia Lialina (1996) My Boyfriend Came Back From the War , Shelley Jackson (1997) My Body, Petra Cortright (2007) vvebcam and Kaja Andersen (2012) cxzy's photostream.
Readings: Mark and Jana, Reena (2007) New Media Art, "Art in the age of digital distribution", pp.6-9 9 ("Defining New Media art" to "Themes/tendencies") and "Olia Lialina", p. 60-61.

Week 3 (February 4, 6):


Lab: Work session: Introduction to image manipulation programs.
Browsing: Napier, Mark (1998) The Digital Landfill, Mattes, Eva and Franco (1998) ; John F. Simon, Jr. (1997) Every Icon and Erin Baillie-Rutter (2012) how to live 4 ever
Readings: How to write a Project (link .pdf file) , Tribe, Mark and Jana, Reena (2007) New Media Art, "Art in the age of digital distribution", pp.10-13 ("Themes/tendencies" to end of article), "", p. 26-27 and "Mark Napier", p. 70-71.

Week 4 (February 11, 13):


Lab: Work session, network printers and printing.
Browsing: Eva and Franco Mattes (2008) It's always six o'clock, and Mu Gallery, Eindhoven, NL (2008) It's always six o'clock; Heemskerk, Joan and Paesmans, Dirk (2006) Max Payne cheats only
Readings: Walter Benjamin (1992, c.1936) "The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction", extracts from Illuminations, trans. Harry Zohn, London, Fontana, 1992 pp. 211-24.4
Art in the age of digital distribution Slide Show


Week 5 (February 18, 20):


Lecture: Benjamin (Benjamin slides)
Lab: Simple animations, gifs.
Browsing: Cosic, Vuk (1999) Deep ascii ,Young-Hae Chang Heavy industries (2005) Super Smile. and Kim Jong-il Looking At Things.
Readings: Tribe, Jana (2007) New Media Art, "Vuk Cosic", p. 38-39 and "Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries", p. 94-95.  Mark Amerika (1997), “Surf-Sample-Manipulate: Playgiarism on the Net”, Telopolis, Munich: Heise Zeitschriften Verlag GmbH & Co. and Joy Garnett (2004) Steal this look.        

Week 6 (February 25, 27):

Lecture: Copyright and plagiarism
Project 1 Due

Presentation of projects, class evaluation of project #1.
Tilman Baumgärtel (1997) “Interview with JodiTelopolis, Munich: Heise Zeitschriften Verlag GmbH & Co.

Week 7 (March 4, 6):


Lab: Work session. Working on simple animations, gifs. Make a small animation. 5%
Introduction to Project #2: Group project , “Is technology moral?” (20%)
Homework: Write a proposal for Project #2, 5%
Assignment: Write an appreciation of your completed project 1 or 2, taking into consideration the readings that have been assigned. (500 words maximum, due week 15) 5%
Browsing: Gary Hill (2000) Remembering Paralinguay, Takeo Yamaguchi (2006) Candy Factory Projects,Tokyo Rose Advertising:, Joy Garnett (2003), The Bomb Project.

Spring Break March 11- 15

Week 8 (March 18, 20): 


TEST 10% (On browsings, readings and computer knowledge to date)

Project 2 proposal due.
Presentation of proposals. Formation of groups. How to work in groups

Readings on line: Lialina, Olia (2005) A Vernacular Web, The Indigenous and The Barbarians and Vernacular web 2          


Week 9 (March 25, 27):


Lecture: Introduction to webpage architecture.
Lab: Working on simple webpage.
Browsing: Wattenberg, Martin (1997), , Rafael Rozendaal (2010) and
Readings: Natalie Bookchin and Alexei Shulgin (1999) Introduction to net. art, Jesse Darling (2012), Arcades, Mall Rats, and Tumblr Thugs and Evgeny Morozov (2012), The Death of the Cyberflâneur.

Week 10 (April 1, 3):


Lecture: Working with things that move. The nature of the present. Discussion of interactive art.
Assignment: Simple webpage. 5%
Browsing: Alexei Shulgin (1998) 386DX Cyberpunk rock band, Mouchette (Avatar, 1996-2010, Martine Neddam), Andres Manniste (2003) La Corne, (2005) Cacophonie, Jodi
Readings: Tribe, Jana (2007) New Media Art, "Jodi", p. 50-51 and "Mouchette", p. 66-67 and "Alexei Shulgin", p. 84-85.

Week 11 (April 8, 10):
Lecture: Network Art
Lab: Work session
Project 3: Option #1 Group project (Culture) 20%  or Option #2
A written synthesis of the readings and browsings (1500-2000 word term paper, 20%)

Small animation due.

Week 12 (April 15, 17):


Project #2 Due
Presentation of projects, class evaluation of project #2.
Simple webpage due
Readings: Mattes, Eva and Franco (2000) “life-sharingEmergent Medium 02 Minneapolis: Walker Art Center, gallery 9 .
Eugenio Tisselli (2009) We are the facebots! We are delighted to be your friends, Computers Club Computers Club Drawing Society and Jon Rafman (2010) Nine Eyes (Google Street Views)

Week 13 (April 22, 24):           
Lecture: Art making in the post industrial.
Lab: Work session

Week 14 (April 29, May 1):

TEST 10% (On browsings, readings and computer knowledge to date)
Lab: Work session

Week 15 (May 6, 8):

Presentations and discussion.
Appreciation due.
Term paper
(if approved) due.

(Please note: May 15 at 15:00, is the last time to receive all projects)